60th Annual  Juried Competition

Floral Park Art League Events

Floral Park Art League Events

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Jurist - Shawn Sullivan
Shawn Sullivan is a traditional realist painter from Long Island, NY. His paintings encompass a variety of subject matter including portraits and landscapes, but he is well known for his classically arranged still lifes.

His life-long pursuit of artistic mastery led to a Bachelor's of Fine Art from C.W. Post College, a Master's Degree in Painting from Brooklyn College, and six years of part-time study at the Long Island Academy of Fine Art and the Grand Central Academy of Art.
Touring Joshua Park In Winter
by Don Zwerling

12 x 16
Best in Show
"The artist uses the medium extremely well, and knows when to hold back for emphasis. The artist moves the viewer's eye through the painting. I instantly want follow the gaze of the figure, creating empathy with the viewer, and placing me in the picture. This painting tells a story without hitting you in the head with it. It is subtle and mysterious."
Jurist Shawn Sullivan (on right) with artist Don Zwerling
and Touring Joshua Park In Winter
Last Light
by Lillian Forziat

12 x 16
oils on canvas
Second Place
"The use of paint to create warm and cool color effects to simulate daylight is very well done. The barely visible patches of sunlight in the foreground shouldn't work but my eye keeps going back there and reminds me of the way that muted patches of light break through tree branches at that time of year. The soft gold frame is a good choice; gold and blue mimics the tonality within the painting. This painting obviously captures a scene that the artist knows well and has thought about a great deal. Overall, a beautiful harmony. Detail is used to emphasize the key elements. The warmth on the snow is palpable - not easy to do. Well done!"
by Darby Thomas

24 x 18
Third Place
"The first thing that caught my attention was the harmony of color, slightly muted, but just enough color to keep things interesting. A good use of a basic pyramidal design. The figure almost looks like a mountain surrounded by small trees. The low vantage point of the artist makes the figure seem monumental. The sunglasses add to a standoffish effect.The thin and thick areas of paint have just the right balance. Texture is used to emphasize the subject against the flatter background areas. "
Keith Richards
by Joseph Allocco

16 x 12
wax on crayon
Honorable Mention
Ripples Of The Sea
by Dorothy Webster

12 x 16
Honorable Mention
"A simple design, maybe the rule of thirds, with a good balance of elements in each area of the piece. The compressed value range used within certain areas makes this drawing almost like a print except that the edges soften in just the right places. The slightly off center composition is daring, but gives the figure gazing room. A good example of how to emphasize one area of a drawing and still keep the other parts interesting. "
"This painting took little planning and yet still exemplifies spontaneity. The medium seems about to veer out of control, but the artist keeps it in check. The elements of this piece, foreground, middle ground, and background, have a simple harmony that is well done. The  use of the silhouette fish shapes against the busy background brings a monotype quality to this work, and really make this painting come to life. They almost look like scenes in an animation and remind me of Giotto's painting with the flying cherubs."
Jurist Shawn Sullivan (on right) with artist Lillian Forziat
and Last Light
Jurist Shawn Sullivan (on right) with artist Darby Thomas
and Joe.
Jurist Shawn Sullivan (on right) with artist Joseph Allocco
and Keith Richards.
Jurist Shawn Sullivan (on right) with artist Dorothy Webster
and Ripples Of The Sea
He is a member of the prestigious Salmagundi Club in Manhattan, NY, where srves as a juror on the Salmagundi Arts Committee. He is also a member of the Art League of Nassau County, the Art League of Long Island, the East End  Arts Council, the Smithtown Arts Council, and the National Art League in Douglaston, NY. His paintings have been included in numerous galleries and exhibitions, and have received recognition and awards in many juried competitions.